Following the body

Feeling feels somehow different now:

I don’t know if I can

– oh, sure do I; but

I mean if I really can –

translate the buzzes in my brain;

anyone gets an analyst nowadays

I am still waiting for mine to take

my dirty laundry, to wash it,

my dirty dishes, to lick it,

even though reluctant I fight

against my own unwillingness.


I cry for the dolphins

– is it egoism too?

I may be a folded pine

when the water’s so blue

caught in rifles of chloride:

like the last requested smile

on the pond,

before you

drown and, finally

get lost

freed by submission




Don’t get lost


Submission is freeing me?

No, I don’t think so

I may be apologetic…

But no, I don’t think so –

I just look at the stars

–  so far, so true –

they are alcohol and dope

I am far, if I can feel them too

so near, so bright,

yet dark as night

– that’s their meaning of existence:

feeling disconnected

to everything connected.


(*) In homage to Zanias, from the music track “Follow the body”, To the core EP, 2016. This record and her whole production are amazing, by the way.

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